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Expand academic and professional opportunities for Afghan girls through digital literacy and coding and English classes.

In the digital age, not being connected means being deprived of new opportunities to learn, communicate, and develop skills for the workplace. While the digital revolution is now a global phenomenon, there are still profound disparities in access to technology, which  further exacerbates other social and economic inequalities. In less developed countries, such as Afghanistan, the gender gap in internet use is as high as 31%.  

Education in the digital sector presents young people with opportunities for professional development and can empower future social and economic choice. With an increasingly young population in Afghanistan, girls in rural areas risk being excluded from the emerging sector and competing in the ever-changing job market. Being connected to the digital world is also a means for Afghan girls to make their voices heard, to empower themselves and others with information, and to forge strong communities. 

Our three year long Digital Literacy and Coding courses for girls facilitates these opportunities for young girls, as well as the right to information. Afghanistan Libre has five digital classrooms and offers a combined curriculum of digital literacy and coding and english to girls between the ages of 15 and 18. 


of the girls who participated in coding classes would like to continue their studies in the digital sector


girls benefited from the program and mastered the digital and english curriculum in 2020


schools located in the rural areas of Panjshir and Paghman have fully equipped Digital Classrooms



My name is Bi Bi and I participated in the Digital Classes courses with great enthusiasm and interest. Thanks to this training, I can now work on a computer very easily whereas before I had no idea how to turn on a computer.  I then took the Kankor preparation course and passed the exam. Thanks to Afghanistan Libre, I was able to enter Rabbani University and study psychology, the field of my choice. After graduation I would like to serve my community as a psychologist. Today I feel strong and confident about the future.


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