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Ensure that all girls have equal access to the high quality education they deserve and need to forge bright futures.

Afghanistan Libre adopts a holistic approach with interventions dedicated to each stage and walk of life – from the early stages of development to adulthood. We are committed to ensuring that every girl has access to the quality education she deserves and is necessary to realize her full development potential. Our educational approach is designed to address all of the barriers that keep girls from attending school and accessing a high quality of learning.  

Our deep community anchorage and longstanding presence allow us to promote girls’ education in rural and highly conservative areas. Afghanistan Libre aims to strengthen local systems and thus works hand in hand with the Afghan Ministry of Education.  

Afghanistan Libre works with local communities to shift perceptions and misinformation regarding girls’ education and to encourage their school attendance. 

of the 3,5 million children not in school are girls

children are illiterate

are married before the age of 18


Early childhood development

Ensure that children aged 0 to 6 develop cognitive and social-emotional skills and realize their full development potentials.

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