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Facilitate girls’ access to higher studies through Kankor, the universal University entrance exam, preparatory courses.

In Afghanistan, only 28% of girls are enrolled in high school and less than 5% of girls attend University.  

This shockingly low number is due to a combination of factors, including: girls’ lack of national identification, high tuition, lack of safe public transportation for girls, and the low rate of success on the national university entrance exam – the Kankor.  

Since 2011, Afghanistan Libre has been providing Kankor preparatory classes to girls in their last year of highschool. These courses aim to reinforce girls’ capacities in the subjects tested on the exam; particularly in maths and sciences, the subjects with the heaviest weight on the exam. The Kankor is highly selective and grants students  access to public Universities with limited places and scholarships. For the majority of female students that do not have the means to pay for studies at private institutions, this is their only chance to access higher education.  

Afghanistan Libre has trained teachers in rural zones to administer preparatory classes so that girls can access the highest quality of learning to prepare for University. 


high school girls participated in preparatory courses and improved their notes in maths and sciences


of girls who participated in the preparatory classes wish to pursue higher studies


schools in rural provinces host preparatory classes


I had the chance to participate in the digital training of the Digital Classes and in the preparation of the Kankor implemented by Afghanistan Libre. School has always been very important to me. When I was 15 years old, my father wanted to arrange my marriage. With the help of my mother, I convinced him to give up this idea and I was able to continue my schooling. After escaping the forced marriage, I immersed myself in my studies. I worked very hard which allowed me to obtain the certificate of the Digital Classes and the diploma of Kankor to enter the university and study the subjects of my choice. Now I am studying at Kabul University in the English department. I thank Afghanistan Libre for giving me access to education.


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