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Dear friends of Afghanistan Libre and of Afghanistan,

We are devastated by the situation in Afghanistan and by the repetition of history, casting women once again to the thinnest margins of society.

So many of you have shown your support and have asked us how we can help the women and girls of Afghanistan. And so many of your have come to us with your own initiatives and ideas -- putting your words into precious action! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your solidarity in these terrible moments.

We would like to inform you that all donations from the 15th of August (until further notice) will be used to constitute an emergency fund, which will allow us to:


  1. to continue supporting the women's rights defenders employed by Afghanistan Libre who can no longer work due to the Taliban's restrictions and the instability that ravages the country.  This is particularly important given the current inflation, with certain goods rising in cost by as high as 92%;

  2. to begin, as soon as the security situation allows it, to provide humanitarian assistance to the 500,000 displaced persons in Kabul, the majority of whom are women and children who have been completely left behind. The Afghanistan Libre team has already conducted a rapid needs assessment;

  3. to remain present and respond to the vital needs of Afghan girls and women as much to the furthest extent possible and as soon as the situation allows it (we envision providing cash based trasfers as a first step before adapting our existing projects to the evolving situation i.e. e-learning, virtual psychosocial support, etc.).

We are currently fighting to guarantee the security and livelihoods of our team in Kabul.

And we remain fully resolved in our commitment to defending the rights of Afghan girls and women.

In Solidarity,

The Afghanistan Libre Team


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